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Massage & Holistic Treatments

Body Scrub & hydration   Mini Back Massage   Deluxe Back massage   Rejuvenating Body Massage
A full body brushing then followed by full body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and nourish the skin, completed with a full body moisturisation.
*Great treatment before any massage.* 
A massage to sooth and de-knot those shoulders and rebalance your back. An intense back massage spending more time on those aching areas, icluding back, neck, shoulders and scalp. De-stress and unwind with a full massage from the neck down to sooth your whole body. 
30.00     40 minutes23.00     25 minutes30.00     40 minutes40.00     55 minutes

Ultimate Full Body Massage   Hot stone massage - Body   Hot stone massage - Back   Indian Head Massage
A full body treatment to treat your body top to toe. Full body brushing with a full body massage including the face and scalp to restore and refresh you. A wonderful massge using hot stones to deeply relax you A deeply relaxing back masage using hot lava stones. Stimulates your mind and awaken your senses with a traditional Indian head massage including the back, neck, scalp and face whilst seated at a chair. 
60.00     80 minutes50.00     70 minutes30.00     40 minutes30.00     40 minutes

Reflexology   Reiki   HOPI Ear Candles   Pregnancy massage
Using ancient Chinese techniques to stimulate the entire body by working on the feet. This helps to restore your body's balance by harmonising your body and mind. A non-invasive well being treatment working in tune with your mind, body and soul to re-energise your body. Hands on healing to balance your Chakaras and level your mind. Gently cleanses the ears to relieve sinusitis/headaches/ migraines/tinnitus and many more conditions. This massage is specifically for pregnanacy concentrating on all those aching and swollen areas, with specialised positioning to make sure you are comfortable throughout. 
30.00     40 minutes23.00     25 minutes30.00     40 minutes45.00     60 minutes

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