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Hands & Feet
The Essie Spa manicure targets the cuticles and nails in express time leaving them with a long lasting nail polish. If you need a conditioning manicure Essie luxury manicure will nourish and sooth the skin and cuticles leaving them looking completely different from your own (All treatments include polish application).


Essie Express Manicure   Essie Luxury manicure
19.00     25 minutes30.00     55 minutes


Essie Express Pedicure   Essie Luxury pedicure
25.00     40 minutes35.00     60 minutes

Hands Or Feet

Essie File & Polish
13.00     15 minutes

Gelish Gel Nails

Gelish Application - Hands   Gelish Application - Feet   Gelish Removal
An amazing nail polish that lasts up to 21 days and is instantly dry! This polish will help to strenghten your nails and make them grow. An amazing nail polish that lasts up to 6 weeks and is instantly dry!  (5 if re-applying Gelish straight after) 
25.00     40 minutes25.00     40 minutes10.00     20 minutes

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