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Australian Bodycare have introduced a new efficient system which has been designed for fast, hygienic and streamlined waxing treatments. Australian Tea Tree is one of the best antiseptic and natural ingredients to prevent and reduce mild reddening from waxing (Please not hairs need to be a minimum of 4mm long to be waxed).

Hot wax available on request at a small additional cost.

Full Leg   Half Leg   Bikini Line - regular   Under Arm
  Sides only  
25.00     25 minutes15.00     15 minutes10.00     15 minutes9.00     10 minutes

Brazilian   Hollywood   Eyebrows   Lip or Chin
Everything underneath leaving a strip at the top Everything off (23 if every 4 weeks)   
23.00     25 minutes30.00     25 minutes9.00     10 minutes9.00     10 minutes

Full Arm   Half Arm   Bikini - High leg
  Sides and underneath 
18.00     25 minutes14.00     15 minutes15.00     15 minutes

Waxing Combos
Other combos available, please ask.

Half Leg & Regular Bikini   Half Leg & Brazilian   Full Leg & Bikini Regular   Half Leg, Regular Bikini & Under Arm
23.00     25 minutes33.00     30 minutes33.00     30 minutes33.00     30 minutes

Lip, Chin & Eyebrows   Full leg & Brazilian   Half leg & bikini high leg   Full leg & bikini high leg
18.00     15 minutes43.00     40 minutes28.00     25 minutes38.00     40 minutes

Full leg & Hollywood   Half leg & Hollywood   Half leg, bikini high & underarm
50.00     40 minutes38.00     45 minutes38.00     30 minutes

Men's Waxing

Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal that uses a very fine disposable needle that weakens and removes unwanted hair. It is a very safe and proven method that has been around for over 100 years.

Up To 10 Minutes   Up to 25 minutes
13.00     10 minutes20.00     25 minutes

Advanced Electrolysis
Advanced electrlysis has been adapted to successfully remove skin tags, moles, warts, dilated capillaries, milia and many more minor imperfections anywhere on the face and body. It is very quick with instant results that you would not believe.

Up To 10 Minutes
20.00     15 minutes

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